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Medical Marijuana Now Legal on Arizona College Campuses

Despite that the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA) permits legal medical marijuana use in the state, it still forbids possession of marijuana in prisons, schools and on school buses. As originally written in 2010 when voters approved the law, it said nothing about prohibitions against possession of medical marijuana on university and college campuses. When, in 2012, Arizona lawmakers added college and university campuses to the list of places where marijuana would remain prohibited, a legal battle ensued. In early April of 2017, in the latest decision in this battle, an appeals court overturned this addition to the law. In the court’s decision, it determined that lawmakers could not amend the law in this manner because doing so would not “further the purpose” of the law as voters originally approved it.

Restrictions on what can and cannot be brought onto campus property can still legally be imposed by the landowners and the state itself. In such cases, the state or landowner in question can have the individual forcibly removed from the property and/or charged with trespassing. Barring those restrictions, however, students are legally permitted to possess medical marijuana on Arizona college and university campuses as long as they hold a legitimate medical marijuana card.

While the issue here focuses strictly on marijuana possession, it is still presumed to be illegal for anyone to use marijuana on college or university campus grounds, even those in possession of a legitimate medical marijuana card.