Welcome to Arizona Medical Marijuana Card Doctor

Opening Hours : Monday to Friday - 10am - 6pm
  Contact : 602-910-9628

How to become an MMJ patient

Step 1 Medical records:
You are required to have medical records in order to get your MMJ card.
If you don’t have medical records we might be able to help you.
We have pain specialist on site who can help if the pain pertains to muscular and skeletal system caused by things like accidents or sport traumas.
There is no additional fee to see pain specialist. We believe medical records should not affect the price.
If you have been prescribed with medications that are scheduled substances in past and experiencing severe nausea or any other severe side effects we will look up those records.

Step 2 Get seen by one of our physicians:
Doctor will examine you in a friendly atmosphere.
The visit is $70 for both new patients and renewals
You will not be charged if you don’t qualify.

Step 3 Same day patient application upload:
We will upload your application for FREE
However there is a state fee of $150. It can be reduced to $75 if you get food stamps.
Expect your medical card in the mail and check status updates on the website (CHECK STATUS link to https://medicalmarijuana.azdhs.gov/)