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Archive for July 2017

New Rehabilitation Center in Arizona Uses Marijuana to Help Patients Get Off Opioid Painkillers

A new rehabilitation center in Scottsdale, Arizona is starting to use marijuana as part of its treatment plan for people who are addicted to opioid painkillers. According to ABC15 TV news, which broke the story, Blue Door Therapeutics is believed to be the first medical clinic in the world, and possibly the only one as well, to combine herbal treatment using marijuana with traditional allopathic treatment methods to help patients detox from opioid painkillers.

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Judges Denies Arizona Patients’ Latest Request to Reduce Medical Marijuana Fees

A judge in Arizona has turned down the most recent request by medical marijuana patients in the state to reduce the steep $150 fee the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) charges annually for a valid medical marijuana card.

In a May report by Howard Fischer of Capitol Media Services, it was revealed that, in the last fiscal year, which ends in June, the agency took in fees totaling $19.9 million, while operating expenses for the program over that term totaled under $7.8 million. That puts the fund’s balance at over $31 million going into the next fiscal year. That would essentially equate to over three years of operating expenses covered without the need for taking in any new fees.

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Arizona Attorneys Scramble for Clarity Amid Workplace Medical Marijuana Concerns

Attorneys in Arizona are finding that, despite the state’s legalization of marijuana for medical use, there is still great uncertainty and a lack of clarity when it comes to medical cannabis in the workplace. The conclusion most have drawn, according to an ABC15 news report, is that there are no objective, definitive rules for employers regarding their employees using medical marijuana in the workplace or being under the influence of medical marijuana while at work. Rather, these determinations are still subjective and based mostly on the type of work being performed.

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Medical Marijuana Now Legal on Arizona College Campuses

Despite that the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA) permits legal medical marijuana use in the state, it still forbids possession of marijuana in prisons, schools and on school buses. As originally written in 2010 when voters approved the law, it said nothing about prohibitions against possession of medical marijuana on university and college campuses. When, in 2012, Arizona lawmakers added college and university campuses to the list of places where marijuana would remain prohibited, a legal battle ensued. In early April of 2017, in the latest decision in this battle, an appeals court overturned this addition to the law. In the court’s decision, it determined that lawmakers could not amend the law in this manner because doing so would not “further the purpose” of the law as voters originally approved it.

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Medical Marijuana Prices at Arizona Dispensaries Finally Lowering

Medical marijuana prices in Arizona have finally started to drop, after the recent failure of Proposition 205 to legalize marijuana for all adult use, including recreational, and a simultaneous proliferation of medical cannabis growers and dispensaries throughout the state. If Proposition 205 had passed, the number of prospective consumers for the marijuana industry would presumably skyrocket, maintaining high prices as long as demand outpaced production and availability. But, in the face of the proposition’s defeat, the recent combination of increased competition, cultivation and consolidation of dispensary license-holders has finally started driving medical marijuana prices down in the state.

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